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evening/ Evening - Wikipedia

Evening - Wikipedia
Evening is the period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. to night. It is a daily astronomic event of variable time period between .
EVENING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
evening definition: 1. the part of the day between the end of the afternoon and night: 2. a friendly way of greeting someone when you meet them in the evening: .
红门桃华美学院&《禅舞》拍摄花絮- 知乎
禅舞: 即为以舞修行,在觉知中舞蹈,发现生命本自具足的美,与万物合一,透过舞蹈走向觉醒,活出禅的喜乐、自在、安详。红门桃华美学院&《禅舞》 .

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